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Many couples wait to book their photographer until after they have already decided on everything else. They tend to get caught up in all of the fun and visual elements of their wedding such as decor, colors, location, the gown, and cake but don't consider until after it is too late who will capture the details of their day.

Long after the band stops playing, the guest have gone home, the flowers wilted, all that remains are the photographs from your wedding.

This is the reason why the photographer you choose is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding. His or her work should "speak" to you. The images should display the mood, emotions, and sentiment of your day.

New Visions Photography understands what a wedding is, A Once In A Lifetime Event. Call our studio to setup a one on one consultation with our photographers. This day is too important to pick just anyone.

Editor's Note

Wedding trends are changing every day. Brides are choosing to be photographed in new locations such as in downtown areas and areas that would not be normally considered wedding areas.

These new areas are giving a new and distinct look to wedding photography. Mix these with some of the new color tones such as Bleach Bypass or Infrared B & W and you have images that look like they just came out of a Bridal magazine.

We are always keeping up with the new trends. Give us a call to setup a consultation and to see samples of these new trends.

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